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Tattooing in Turkey? Trust our experienced and skilled team of artists who specialize in creating beautiful and unique designs. Our studio provides a safe and professional environment, prioritizing hygiene and using high-quality materials. Whether you're a local resident or visiting, we're here to bring your artistic vision to life.

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Tattoos are a form of artistic expression and a lifelong commitment. That's why it's crucial to choose an experienced and skilled team. 

Customized Designs

We understand that every individual is unique, and your tattoo should reflect your personal style and story.

Hygiene and Safety

Your health is our priority. Hygiene and safety measures are crucial in the process of getting a tattoo.

Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality tattooing materials, including hypoallergenic inks and sterilized needles.

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The duration of a tattoo session depends on the size, complexity, and placement of the design. On average, a small to medium-sized tattoo can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, while larger, more intricate pieces may require multiple sessions.

Pain perception varies from person to person, but most clients describe it as a tolerable discomfort. The sensation is often compared to a mild scratching or pinching. Our skilled artists take every precaution to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

It’s important to come well-rested, hydrated, and with a full meal in your stomach. Avoid alcohol and aspirin-based pain relievers before your session. Wear comfortable clothing that provides easy access to the area being tattooed. Feel free to bring reference images or ideas to discuss with your artist.

Proper aftercare is crucial for a successful healing process. Your artist will provide detailed instructions, but generally, it involves keeping the tattoo clean, applying a recommended ointment, avoiding direct sunlight, and refraining from picking at any scabs or peeling skin.

Absolutely! We welcome both custom designs and ideas you bring with you. Our talented artists are also more than happy to collaborate with you to create a unique, personalized tattoo that suits your style and preferences.