How many days after piercing’s earring be changed?

There is no set time frame for when a jewelry should be removed after getting a piercing. However, it is generally recommended not to remove the jewelry during the healing process, as doing so can cause further damage or infection to the piercing. Additionally, removing the jewelry can slow down or impede the healing process.

I would not recommend removing the jewelry during the healing process. A person's doctor or the person who did the piercing may provide advice on how long the jewelry should be worn for the healing process.

Typically, the healing process for a piercing takes a few weeks, but it can vary from person to person. The important thing is for the person to properly care for and maintain their piercing and to take proper hygiene measures.

Even so, I recommend discussing the matter with the person's doctor or the person who did the piercing, as they may be able to provide recommendations for specific situations.