What is cover up tattoo?

Cover up tattoo is a tattoo that is done over another tattoo. This type of tattoos are done to reduce or hide the visibility of a previous tattoo. For example, a person may regret their old tattoos and want to reduce the visibility of them with new tattoos. Cover up tattoos can be done in many different ways and can vary depending on the artist's skills and style.

For example, an artist can hide an old tattoo by doing a new tattoo over it or by making a new design over it. Usually, cover up tattoos use brighter colors and bigger designs in order to reduce or hide the visibility of the previous tattoo

For this process, it is necessary for a tattoo artist to have advanced abilities. The new tattoo should be done in a compatible and successful manner, taking into account the design, colors, and dimensions of the old tattoo. Furthermore, when doing a cover-up tattoo, the physical characteristics of the area where the old tattoo is located should also be considered. Therefore, it is important for the artist to have advanced skills to do a cover-up tattoo. Peker Tattoo studios are a tattoo studio that works focused on providing the best service to clients with its professional and expert staff