Which colour can be used when you decide to get a tattoo ?

Tattoos can be made in many different colors. Standard colors include black, blue, red, yellow, green, purple, pink, and white. However, as tattoo application technology has advanced, there are now many more color options available. Especially, today's tattoo inks can be multicolored or color-changing. This allows tattoos to appear more vibrant and colorful. Also, the location of the tattoo can affect the variety of colors used. Especially, on face tattoos, pastel tones are preferred, while some areas may use darker colors.

The most commonly used colors are black, blue and red. These colors are the most widely used for tattoo application. Black color provides permanency and clarity to the tattoo, blue and red colors make the tattoo look more lively and showy. However, as tattoo application technology and ink production technology advanced, there are many more color options available today. Different colors can be used according to the person's preference, location and tattoo style.

Additionally, there are metallic colors and neon colors available in tattoos. These colors create an extra visual effect and provide a different look. Especially, metallic colors provide a luxurious and shiny look to the tattoos. Neon colors provide a lively and energetic look to the tattoos. Also, some tattoo artists can create a unique look by using specially prepared colors.

Lastly, with the development of tattoo application technology, it is now possible to make multicolored tattoos. This is particularly used in popular tattoos like flowers, animals or figurative tattoos. In these tattoos, many different colors and tones are used to make the tattoo more lively, realistic and detailed. These types of tattoos, when made by skilled tattoo artists, can have a very impressive result.

The most permanent colors used in tattoos are black and dark shades. These colors are more permanent because they have been applied to deeper layers of the skin. Also, black and dark shades fade less and last longer as they are exposed to less sunlight.

Other colors may be less permanent and can fade over time. Light shades, in particular, can fade faster when exposed to sunlight. Additionally, the location of the body where the tattoo is applied can also affect its permanency. For example, hands and feet are faster fading areas and can be less permanent. 

In conclusion, black and dark shades are the most permanent colors in tattoos. However, other colors can also be permanent and not fade over time. Also, the location of the body where the tattoo is applied can affect its permanency. Therefore, it is important to consult with a tattoo artist and be careful in color selection before getting a tattoo.


How you decide which tattoo are you gonna get by your skin color

Skin color is a factor to consider when choosing a tattoo, but it should not be the only criterion. For people with light skin, lighter colors may cause the tattoo to be less visible and may also cause the tattoo to fade over time. Therefore, it is recommended to use darker colors for people with light skin. On the other hand, for people with dark skin, darker colors may make the tattoo more visible and prevent it from fading over time. However, it is not recommended to use lighter colors for people with dark skin.

However, everyone's skin color is different and when choosing a tattoo, personal preferences should also be taken into account. Additionally, the experience and skill of the tattoo artist is also important, as the tattoo artist can best evaluate the characteristics of the area where the tattoo will be applied and the person's skin color and select the most appropriate colors.

The color of the tattoo should be considered when choosing a tattoo, but it can vary depending on how the tattoo will appear in relation to the surrounding tissue and skin color, where it is located, and the size of the tattoo. For example, lighter colors may be thought to be better suited for lighter skin, while darker colors may be thought to be better suited for darker skin.

Ultimately, the choice of tattoo should be based on the person's preferences and desires. The tattoo artist can advise on how the colors of the tattoo will appear and adjust the colors according to the person's wishes and skin color.