Which creams should be applied after piercing?

Woman with piercing, applying cream to her face

After getting a piercing, it's recommended to use creams with healing and antiseptic properties to prevent infection or inflammation in the piercing area. These creams also help to moisturize the area and reduce pain. Examples include Bepanthen, Aquaphor, creams with Vitamin A and E, and specially formulated creams for piercings. However, it's best to consult with a doctor or the person who did the piercing to determine the best cream for your healing process.

During the healing process of piercing, creams with healing, antiseptic or anti-inflammatory properties can be used. For example, creams such as Bepanthen, Aquaphor or Vaseline can be used as healing creams for the healing process of piercing. Also, there are creams that are specifically manufactured for piercing. These creams can help you to achieve faster results in the healing process of piercing. However, it is recommended to talk to your doctor or use the creams recommended by a professional piercer before using any cream.